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How mom blogger Selina earned more than €20,000 with Amazon affiliate on Instagram (in just 11 days)

You probably know this too. You link Amazon products and people click on them like crazy. But you don’t earn a cent. Why is that? Find out in this article.

Imagine you could increase your income four to eight times over with Amazon Affiliate. Starting tomorrow and without investing any more work.

Sounds too good to be true? Not for Mom Blogger Selina (17k followers). In June, she still earned 290 euros. In June already over €2,000. In November €8,000. Not including bonus payments!

And the best thing? She didn’t have any more work to do.

Note: the remaining 12k euros came from bonuses from Amazon. More on this below.

Here you can find all the details about Selina’s success. Case study.

How did Selina do it? And how can you earn commissions like this with Amazon?

In this article, we reveal the secrets and strategies that have helped Selina and other influencers to increase their commissions like this. Because this example is not an isolated case.

Get my checklist below to have a simple step by step guide.

What we will dive into

2. Use the Amazon PartnerNet

What is the affiliate network (in a nutshell)?

Amazon PartnerNet is the official affiliate program of Amazon. It enables influencers, publishers and website operators to earn money by placing affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase via these links, the affiliate receives a commission.

The amount of commission depends on the respective product category. The PartnerNet offers access to a huge product portfolio and enables a direct connection to Amazon.

Why you should use the PartnerNet and not Stylink or LTK

With the Amazon affiliate program, you keep every commission earned, without any deductions. The prerequisite is, of course, that you use deep links.

You also have the opportunity to gain access to exclusive and very attractive bonus payments. More on this in the “Amazon Influencer Program” section.

  • LTK earns money by claiming a share of your commission. This means you receive less commission and miss out on bonus payments. You can also assume that the conversion rate will be lower than if you send followers directly to Amazon.
  • With Stylink, you only receive a few cents per click. You should definitely not do this for Amazon recommendations.

Our recommendation – and how the most successful Amazon influencers do it: If you opt for the Amazon Partner Network (with deep linking from Merge), your work will be fully remunerated.

You receive the full commission without any deductions and get the chance to receive high bonus payments from Amazon itself. Now let’s take a closer look at what I mean by that.

3. Use the Amazon Influencer Program

What is it?

The Amazon Influencer Program is a partnership specifically designed for influencers and creators.

You have the opportunity to create your own shop (Amazon Storefront) and curations (grouping of products). Concrete examples can be found below.

In addition, you get access to exclusive information and bonus payments.

Requirements to Participate

  • Social Media Account Ownership: Influencers must have an account on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.
  • Minimum Number of Followers: There is a recommended minimum of 10,000 subscribers or more. The active engagement of your followers is important.
  • Residence: Influencers must reside in certain countries, including Germany.


Should I Participate in Both Programs?

Absolutely. The programs complement each other perfectly.

Benefits of the Influencer Program

  • Creation of Your Individual Amazon Storefront: More on this in a separate point.
  • Bonus Payments: Amazon rewards you for generating high sales. If you reach certain sales thresholds, you start receiving bonus payments beginning in the low four-figure range. If you are really good, this can quickly become five or six figures. Yes, you read that right. This is a bonus on top of your affiliate commission.
  • Exclusive Information: Amazon uses the Influencer Program to boost sales during the annual Prime Day and Black Week. As part of the Influencer Program, you get early information about deals and bonus payments.
  • Individual Support and Flexibility: Amazon promotes collaboration with influencers and provides exclusive information about the affiliate program. The contacts answer questions and solve problems (e.g., issues with your account).

4. Use the Amazon Storefront

An Amazon Storefront is like a personalized display window on Amazon for you as an influencer, where you can showcase your favorite and recommended products.

This customizable page allows you to highlight your selected products in an appealing way, tailored to your target audience.

You can choose between Idea Lists and Posts (Photo or Video).

Idea Lists

These are collections of products you want to recommend to your followers. You can select products that meet certain criteria or themes and present them in an organized list. 

These lists make it easier for your followers to browse products by specific interests or needs, such as:

  • Top Summer Outfits
  • My Favorite Kitchen Helpers
  • Your Favorites
  • Our Baby Equipment
  • Baby/Children’s Toys
  • My Orders
  • Children’s Room
  • Secret Santa Gift

Posts (Photos or Videos)

Here, you can highlight individual products or a group of products through visual media like photos or videos. Photos and videos offer a more dynamic and engaging way to present products.

For example, you can demonstrate a product in action, highlight its benefits, or explain why you recommend it. 

This type of content can be particularly effective in creating a personal connection with your followers and emphasizing the unique features of the products.

Both options offer you as an influencer different ways to showcase your recommended products and inspire your followers to make purchases.


  1. Mama Blogger
  2. Mama Blogger

Advantages of an Amazon Storefront for You as an Influencer

  1. Personalized Branding: You can design your Storefront to reflect your personal brand and style. This sets you apart from other sellers on Amazon.

  2. Increased Visibility for Recommendations: A well-organized Storefront allows you to present your recommended products more effectively. This increases the likelihood that your followers will browse and purchase these products. Followers can search through your Storefront. You can pin popular content and create curations. More on this shortly.

Tips for Effective Storefronts

  1. Clear Product Categorization: You can organize your Storefront so that your followers can easily find what they often ask and search for.

  2. Highlight Popular Products: You can showcase your most recommended or popular products on the homepage of your Storefront.

  3. Offer Variety: Provide a wide range of different themes. This encourages followers to browse, much like in an online shop, and increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase through you.

Again, it’s crucial to link your Storefront as a deep link.

Utilize these tips to enhance the effectiveness of your Amazon Storefront, making it a more powerful tool for your brand and increasing the engagement and purchasing activity of your followers.

5. Use Curations

Curations are product lists compiled by you to offer an even deeper dive into research. These are presented at the top of your Storefront. The number is limited to 10 curators. Choose carefully!

Example 1


Example 2

  • Idea Lists: Christmas Gifts, Secret Santa Gifts, Christmas Gifts for 5-Year-Olds Under 20 €, Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa
  • Curation: Gift Ideas
  • Link to Example 2

Frequently Asked Question:

Do I earn full commission for linking my Storefront and Curations (Does Amazon count it as “Direct Qualified Purchases”)?

Yes, this is confirmed by our own evaluations.

6. Promote products regularly

Plan Your Mentions

Think about when you will introduce and recommend certain products. For instance, if you know you’ll be cooking tomorrow and using an air fryer, you can mention it. 

Commit to actively showing and recommending specific products.

Share Personal Experience

Recommendations work best when you are 100% convinced of a product, being a user yourself. Share your experience openly and honestly with your community and recommend the products you love. Here are a few ideas:

  • My Top x Cleaning Items in the Household
  • My Favorite Kitchen Helpers
  • Pros and Cons of My Air Fryer
  • How I Organize My Bathroom
  • My Kids’ Favorite Toys
  • Gifts That Really Excited My Partner
  • Respond to questions like “Where did you get XXX?” in your story

Point Out Offers (research)

Your community trusts your opinion. It’s easy with your own products because you can convey that authentically. 

However, do not underestimate the gratitude for researching and recommending popular products.

Actively look for products that are on offer, those you use yourself, or those that you know are very popular. Let your creativity run wild, as long as it fits your community. 


  • Popular kitchen appliances (espresso machines, air fryers…)
  • Children’s toys (Tony-Box, building blocks…)
  • Baby equipment (burp cloths, diapers, sterilizer, etc.)
  • Household appliances (vacuum (robots, upholstery cleaner, hair straightener, hair dryer…)
  • Electronics (TV, game console, camera…)

Pro-Tip: Actively ask your community about products that are very popular with them or those they have on their wishlist and will buy.

Gather Feedback from Followers

Do you often get feedback on the products you’ve recommended? Know that some of your followers have ordered your products? Perfect! 

Actively seek feedback on these products. Make screenshots. 

Now you have the perfect setup for a story in which you can really push the previously recommended product with feedback from the community.

Gift Ideas

You surely know this problem: a birthday or Christmas is coming up, and you don’t know what to give. 

Easy, your chance! Create curations with gift ideas for your community, suitable for different occasions, age groups, genders, friends, and family members.

7. Create theme-based highlights

Do you want to benefit passively from your recommendations? Then pay attention! Create structured, clear highlights.

Use these to encourage your community to browse. This way, you can get additional sales without extra effort.

Think in detail about how to prepare everything before creating it. Make sure that users keep coming back when they need inspiration. Ensure that the highlights are immediately understood.

Of course, you don’t have to plaster everything with Amazon links, but can integrate them naturally. Your goal should be to become a source of Amazon product ideas.

Examples of suitable highlights:

  • Decor
  • Kitchen
  • Gift Ideas
  • Initial Equipment
  • Children’s Toys
  • Best of AMZ (Amazon)
  • Or pretty simple: Links

Tip: With Merge, you can edit links retrospectively. Finally, no more error pages in the highlights 🙂 

Here’s how it works: If a product is no longer available or sold out, you can simply change the product behind the Merge link. You don’t have to make a new story or delete the story from the highlights. Start your free 7-days free trial with Merge now.

8. Plan and prepare action days

You know those days too: Black Week & Amazon Prime Days. When Amazon really starts drumming up business, it’s all about “DISCOUNTS”.

Your followers have their wishlists filled to the brim and are just waiting to buy the products. This is your chance to really clean up.

Here are tips from influencer Selina:

  • Create lists with ideas several days before these events. Think of products and categories yourself that could be in demand. Ask your community for suggestions. Simply make a story with a question sticker and ask: “What are you hoping will be on offer?”. Voila – you’ll get plenty of product ideas, and you’ll also know that they’re in demand.
Selina-Sticker Story
  • Plan free time on those days. Many discount campaigns start at 0:00. This means if you want to be quick and be the first to promote the offers, sit down right at 0:00 and start posting offers non-stop.
  • Look for new deals every day: especially during Black Week, new deals pop up every day. If you take the time to post current offers, your community will reward you with more purchases.
  • Make sure you don’t do too many collaborations during this time. On one hand, your followers are already buying a lot of products during this period and might be more cautious with impulse purchases. On the other hand, the performance of the collaboration campaign suffers because you will be making many stories during this time.
  • Announce to your community that you will take the effort to pick out super deals on those days. Also, that more stories will be coming with Amazon offers. This creates trust and raises expectations for good deals.
  • Share deals more often: some of your followers will not see your story every day or might reconsider their decision for another 1-2 days. Share very popular offers more often if you notice that they are well received. You will find out which products are well received in the last section.
  • Prepare for other occasions when you know your community will welcome tips for good deals with open arms. Examples: Christmas, Easter, summer/spring/autumn/winter, summer holidays, vacation phase, Carnival, etc.

9. Analyze your data

If you want to approach your Amazon affiliate business ambitiously, you should regularly analyze your numbers and data.

Regularly check your dashboard on Amazon.

  • Are there trends in your sales?
  • Are certain products or categories bought more often than others?

Then you should use these insights for your further promotion.

Tip: Download your data as Excel or CSV and analyze these trends. Pivot tables can help you with the analysis. This way, you can also see your real revenue that you have generated for Amazon. This shows you whether you have crossed thresholds for larger commissions through the Amazon Affiliate Program or are just about to.

Carry out the following steps:

1. Log into PartnerNet. Select “Reports” and “Earnings Overview”.

2. Click on “Download Report”.

3. A pop-up will open. Now select the reporting period. For example, last month.

4. Choose the format.

5. Create the report. A new line will be created under “Available Reports”. It may take a few minutes for the status to change to “Download”.

6. Then you can download the report.

You can now open the report in Excel or Google Sheets. Create a pivot table to perform more detailed analyses. It’s best to watch a video on pivot tables for this.

Pro-Tip: If you have a Chat-GPT Premium account, you can upload and analyze the table there.

Your turn: Optimize your first links

With the tips from this article, you are well-prepared to increase your Amazon earnings. You probably know the quote, “Revenue comes from implementation.”

Therefore, my appeal to you: Mere knowledge is useless if you do not implement it. Go through the article again, write down your to-dos, and start implementing.

Here again the most important points:

  • Use the Amazon PartnerNet and the Affiliate Program in combination
  • Urgently use deep links via Merge, otherwise, your efforts will hardly pay off. Here is where you can find the tool. Start here your free trial.
  • Use the storefront and curators
  • Plan your content and prepare it appealingly.
  • Get the most out of Prime Days and Black Week by preparing well.
  • Analyze your data for better insights

Send me your feedback on how your commission is developing.

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