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4 Best URLgenius Alternatives Compared (2024): Make the Switch

You can probably guess: there are good alternatives to URLgenius. If you are looking for one, your right. You may use it to link to your apps, social accounts or – in a lot of cases – optimize your affiliate income.

Because you are searching for a URLgenius alternative, you’re not happy with something. We will help you!

Spoiler: I can tell you that a switch will give you better pricing and also make your marketing activities more trackable – also with an excellent usability!

Sounds good? Awesome, let’s dive in!

What are the best URLgenius alternatives?

At a glance, the best URLgenius alternatives are:

Why It’s Worth Considering URLgenius Alternatives

URLgenius is one of the most popular linking tools for app marketers. To be honest, it offers a nice package of functions. BUT…

Most people I talked to are unhappy with the pricing. They offer a free trial with only 500 clicks (all time, not monthly!). Limited link / QR code amount and features.

Damn, that will be blown immediately!

If you like the service, you have to add a credit card. Pricing is simple: Pay As You Go $ 0.02 / click.

Let’s do a funny calculation for a moment. An instagram blogger promoting amazon products once a day will get 1.000 clicks (verified by my girlfriend). 30 days = 30.000 clicks. Charged by URL genius: $ 600 for this month.

You see. That’s not cool and feasible (independent of income).

To be fair, they offer a “Enterprise & Influencers” plan. If I could find insights, I would show them too. Unfortunately I can’t find anything.

Another thing that might lead you to look for an alternative is that there are many features. So many that you don’t need or even know about most of them. This leads to confusion and not a simple decision. Do I have to pay for all this – even if I don’t need it?

As an urlgenius user, you may also have noticed that you don’t have an option to split links into different campaigns, but you find all links in a single list. As soon as you use multiple links (e.g. in an A/B test) you lack a segmentation function. This can quickly become confusing.

Enough chatter. Let us take a look at the competitors.

Try the best URLgenius alternative.

Basic plan includes 20.000 clicks/month, 30 links/month, custom back-halves, QR-Code and link click statistics. Starts at 29 € / month (just € 0.0015 / click). For sure (because Germany 😉): 100 % GDPR compliant.

1. Merge: the best URLgenius alternative for amazon and app marketers


If you think that URLgenius is a good service but there could be a simpler service with affordable pricing, Merge will strengthen your back! There are three main target groups for this service:

  1. Amazon affiliate marketers (more services coming): double your affiliate income through a better app experience. EVERYONE knows that: – avoid opening products in browsers (e.g. instagram). Bad conversions because you close the browser and open the app. That leads to – right! – no provision (because no cookie tracking).
  2. App marketers (onelink / qr code to all your app stores): Guide users directly to your app in the store with one simple link or QR code. Nice for driving more downloads, better onboarding, optimized support or engaging campaigns. If you wanna more, go with deep linking and lead users to the perfect page in your app.
  3. Companies that need to optimize social app experience: Optimize the way to your social accounts with links that lead them directly to your account. Within the app (e.g. YouTube or Instagram) they are signed into.

My goal was to build a tool with a brilliant interface that is easy to understand and has the most essential features for app marketers. So easy that you don't need any onboarding. Enjoy!

What makes Merge the best URLgenius alternative?

You will get a modern, marketing-focused service. When you make the change, you will find a nice-looking interface, easy-to-manage link campaigns, and custom back halves (mrg.to/custom) in every tier.

Compared to all other services mentioned here, Merge provides you a 100 % GDPR-compliant & non-PII Service built in Germany, which provides 3 different server locations (Germany, USA, Finland).

Main andvatages over URLgenius:

Or you can just try it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial. You’ll get 20.000 clicks/month in basic plan and amazing link tracking insights.

Merge app marketing features

Pricing option

Paid plans start at $29/month for up to 20.000 links clicks / month. Among others, you’ll get access to the campaign feature, 30 links/month, advanced reporting, UTM-Parameters, and more features.

You can start with a free trial to check out everything with no risk.

Best for

Influencers / Creators promoting amazon products with links (always worth it for you). Works also for Storefront.

Both for small to medium app marketing teams.

Every member who wants to increase their affiliate income through Amazon, optimize how they sell their products, drive app downloads, or lead users to specific app-screens should use Merge.

Ready to test Merge 7 days for free? Start your free trial now!

2. JotURL – all in one link management

JotURL is an all-in-one link management platform designed to elevate your brand, track leads, and convert more business. It offers a suite of tools that help you brand your links, track user activity, and grow your business.

Branding Tools: JotURL allows you to create a memorable customer journey with branded URLs and page-specific QR codes. You can also generate custom link previews for any social media platform.

Tracking Tools: With JotURL, you can optimize your marketing spend with a user-friendly dashboard that pulls insights from all your campaigns across the web. It offers features like conversion tracking, UTM builder & manager, and activity monitoring.

Growth Tools: JotURL provides tools designed to lower your cost per sale, increase average order value, and generate happy customers. It includes features like advanced and easy deep linking, retargeting, and branded call-to-actions.

JOTurl app marketing features

Pros / Cons

Based on the reviews from Capterra and G2, here are some pros and cons of JotURL:


  • Comprehensive feature set, particularly its deep linking and link management capabilities.
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Powerful tool for managing URLs.
  • Ability to administratively administer retargeting pixels conversion tracking with ease.
  • Personalization of calls-to-action on landing pages.
  • Scalability: If you are growing, JotURL doesn’t just block you, you have time to upgrade.


If you are looking for a tool that only replaces the functions of urlgenius, this tool might have too much – more is not always better.

  • No free plan.
  • Initial setup can be a bit complex.
  • Occasional glitches with the platform.
  • Sparse knowledge base and documentation.
  • Process of installing and using an SSL is painful.
  • The interface can be overwhelming with all the options.

Pricing option

JotURL offers a variety of pricing options to suit different needs. No free plan, only a demo option. Their plans begin at 7 € / month (5.000 events / month) , which includes basic features. Next jump is to 55€ (100k events / month). They also provide custom pricing for enterprises with specific requirements.

Best for

JotURL is best for marketers and businesses of all sizes looking to optimize and manage their links for improved user experience and engagement. If you only need a few selected functions, you should check whether it is worth it.

4. Mysocial – The Tool for Social Apps

Mysocial is a comprehensive platform designed to empower influencers, brands, and managers in the social media landscape. It’s a tool that’s best for those who want to streamline their social media management, enhance their brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections in the digital world.

Geniuslink features

Mysocial comes packed with a suite of features that cater to the diverse needs of its users:

In comparison to urlgenius it only offers the social links part (for example deep link to youtube or instagram)

Pros / Cons

Based on user reviews, Mysocial has several pros and cons:


  • Users appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
  • The SmartLink feature is particularly praised for its ability to direct followers to multiple destinations.
  • Users also appreciate the platform’s ability to connect influencers with potential sponsors.


  • Some users have reported occasional technical glitches.
  • There are suggestions for more real-time updates and integrations with other platforms like Google Calendar.

Pricing option

Mysocial offers a free plan that includes 3 smartlinks per month, the ability to contact 5 sponsors per month, 1 social media report per month, and access to the matchmaking feature. For those who want unlimited access to all features, Mysocial Pro is available for $19 per month.
25.000 clicks are $46, 250.000 are $253.

Best for

Mysocial is best for influencers, brands, and managers who want to streamline their social media management, connect with potential sponsors, and gain insights into their social media performance. Its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it a great tool for both beginners and seasoned social media professionals.

The Must-ask Questions when Choosing an Alternative to URLgenius

If you’re new to app marketing and comparing URLgenius app marketing services, the variety of tools available can be overwhelming. However, you can simplify your selection process by asking yourself the following questions:

When choosing a marketing tool, consider your needs and the specific features that the tool offers. If you’re promoting your app and prefer simplicity, a marketing-focused onelink tool may suffice. It helps streamline marketing, increase app installs, and enhance customer engagement while cutting down costs.

If you are a (amazon) affiliate marketer, or wanna promote your social accounts you may look at other points.

Consider your requirements such as link volume, anticipated traffic, cost predictability, usability, segmentation for analysis, reporting needs, and your long-term marketing plans. Evaluating these factors will guide you to choose the right tool for long-term satisfaction.

There are two main things you have to differentiate:

Needs Recommended Tool

Promot your own app with one single link (and link options)

Onelink-Tool & Tracker (like Merge)

Promote your own app and other apps via deeplinking (like amazon, youtube, instagram, etc.) Deep-Linking-Tool & Onelink-Feature (like Merge)
Promote other apps via deep lining (like amazon, youtube, instagram, etc.) Deep-Linking-Tool (like Merge)

Basic single link tracking (like a tool with bitly)

URL-Shortener & Tracker

When choosing an alternative to URLgenius, one crucial factor to consider is how many links you need. This can vary depending on your business goals and marketing strategies.

The main point would have to think about is how many different campaigns on different plattforms you will do. Think about, where you will share your link. At Merged we think about 3 layers of sharing:

1. Convert to amazon product – Bring users tp buy your promoted product. Examples: Instagram Story, TikTok, YouTube-Video,  Affiliate-Blog, Sds for your own products.

2. Convert to your app – Bring users to download your app. Examples: Welcome Mails, Social Media Posts & Ads, YouTube Description, Website, Offline Promo (via QR-Code)

3. Engange – Direct users into the app or directly to an appropriate in-app screen. Examples: Update Mails, Social Media Posts, SMS, Website, Support requests, Reactivation campaigns (e.g. via diret mail)

4. Support – Reply to users with (prefab) links to specific screens so they don’t have to click through unnecessarily. Examples: Support requests (Support Tool, Social, Chatbot), Circular mailing with important information, SM

When choosing an alternative to URLgenius, it’s important to consider how many clicks you can expect per month. This will help you find the right tool and tier that fits your needs and budget.

To estimate the number of clicks you’ll receive, think about how often you’ll be sharing your links and how many people will be clicking on them. For example:

  • Instagram Stories
  • TikTok / Reel promotion
  • E-Mail-Campaigns
  • Product-Campaigns (e.g. welcome E-Mail)
  • Social Media Bio / Storys / Description
  • Paid Ads
  • Blog Content
  • General Website
  • SMS
  • Chat Bot
  • Support
  • Offline Promo

As an app marketer, it’s essential to evaluate your marketing goals and skills before deciding whether to use a basic “get the job done” tool or a more advanced solution.

To determine the right approach for your app marketing, it’s crucial to evaluate your goals and expertise as a marketer. For many small businesses, prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and affordability is key. If this resonates with you, it’s likely that the most basic onelink tier will be a suitable option.

For experienced marketers seeking advanced insights, time-saving reporting, or the ability to build structured link campaigns with segmentation, a marketing-focused tool like Merged is recommended.

If you’re tasked with managing multiple link campaigns, including those beyond your own apps or with a focus on tech/dev, you’ll likely require a more advanced tool. Services that offer a wide range of features, settings, integrations, and team settings will better meet your needs. This is typically accompanied by an increase in both price and time spent.

It’s essential to be honest with yourself regarding your actual needs and limitations, both in terms of resources and time. Only then can you identify a tool that meets your requirements while also being manageable in terms of time and data handling.

Time to Try Out Some URLgenius Alternatives

At the end the only way you will find the perfect machting link tool for you is to test. Test fast. Get first impressions. If you test different tools, you quickly will get a feeling of what kind of points are important for you.

Take action now and take advantage of free plans and free trials. Then you are able to see different features, usability and pricing which help you find the perfect match. 

I hope this guide has helped you to find the right URLgenius alternative.

Take action and try Merge.

Basic plan includes 20.000 clicks/month, 30 links/month, custom back-halves, QR-Code and link click statistics. Starts at 29 € / month (just € 0.0015 / click). For sure (because Germany 😉): 100 % GDPR compliant.

Use Cases


Drive more App-Dowloads


Drive more App-Dowloads


Drive more App-Dowloads