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What is onelink.me?

what is onelink.me?

In this post, we’ll define what onelink.me is, show a few examples of how onelink.me is used, and provide several ways for getting started with onelink.me to get benefit.

What is onelink.me in a glance?

Onelink.me is a mobile deep linking platform that allows app developers to create custom links that can take users directly to specific content within their mobile apps. These links can be shared across different channels, such as social media, messaging apps, or email, and when clicked on, they can open the app directly to the relevant content or feature (deep link).

Onelink.me provides analytics and tracking features, allowing developers to monitor and measure the performance of their links and the user engagement with their app. It also offers features such as automatic app installation detection, which can redirect users to the app store to download the app if it’s not already installed on their device.

Overall, Onelink.me helps app developers, app marketers or support employees improve the user experience like user acquisition, engagement, and retention by making it easier for users to access and discover app content.

There are also some special features like the OneLink API.

OneLink API facilitates personalized link generation in large-scale campaigns, allowing you to engage with end-users and leverage owned media across different channels such as SMS, email, social media, and more. Implementation of the OneLink API requires collaboration between both advertisers and developers. With the OneLink API, you can automatically create, retrieve, modify, and remove OneLink short URLs while also customizing the parameters to suit your needs.

You will find similar services by links like: usemerge.com, onelink.to, link-to.app, urlgeni.us and a few more!

Try the best onelink alternative.

Basic plan includes 20.000 clicks/month, 30 links/month, custom back-halves, QR-Code and link click statistics. Starts at 29 € / month (just € 0.0015 / click). For sure (because Germany 😉): 100 % GDPR compliant.

Who is onelink.me for?

  • App Marketers or developers who will improve their customer experience by providing a simple onelink solution (online as well as offline customer experience). Read the tips below to see some concrete tips for application examples.

  • App Marketers or developers who will manage, track and optimize their app marketing campaigns. This will allow you to optimize your marketing strategies and improve their app’s ROI.

  • Support who will improve their user experience with (predefined) links to the most important screens.

Tips about onelink.me

  1. Convert: drive more downloads through different campaigns like your Website, Social Media Platforms (e.g. your social media profile), YouTube, E-Mail, messaging campaigns or offline media like billboard advertising or flyer.
  2. Engage: though better UX you are able to send users directly into your app to specific screens. You can use this for example via email campaigns if you launch new features or try to improve your retention rate.
  3. Support: improve customer satisfaction with (predefined) links to the most important screens. This way, users always end up directly at the solution when they have a support request.


OneLink.me provides valuable insights into user behavior, including installs, clicks, and in-app events, making it a useful tool for mobile app developers and marketers looking to grow their user base and increase engagement. If you are interested to optimize your campaigns, you should use such a service.

Time to Try Out Some onelink Tool

At the end the only way you will find the perfect machting link tool for you is to test. Test fast. Get first impressions. If you test different tools, you quickly will get a feeling of what kind of points are important for you.

Take action now and take advantage of free plans and free trials. Then you are able to see different features, usability and pricing which help you find the perfect match. 

I hope this guide has helped you to find the right answer to the question “what is onelink.me?”.

Take action and try Merge.

Basic plan includes 20.000 clicks/month, 30 links/month, custom back-halves, QR-Code and link click statistics. Starts at 29 € / month (just € 0.0015 / click). For sure (because Germany 😉): 100 % GDPR compliant.

Use Cases


Drive more App-Dowloads


Drive more App-Dowloads


Drive more App-Dowloads